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COST Action Workshop


Crossing the kingdoms: Macroalgae-Bacteria Interactions

Workshop and Training School of the COST Action FA 1406

11th -15th September 2017 (Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry)

Venue: Institute for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Humboldtsr. 8, 07743 Jena, Germany (Map)

Workshop:  11th -12th September 2017 (Programme)

"Macroalgae-bacteria interactions promoting algal growth and development"

The main focus of the Workshop is on the cross-kingdom interactions between macroalgae and bacteria. It will cover various aspects of chemical ecology, evolutionary ecology, developmental biology, symbiosis and analytical tools. Current topics are presented by invited speakers, early stage researchers and students. The workshop is open to everybody who is interested in macroalgae-bacteria interactions and morphogenesis of macroalgae.

Training School in Analytical Chemistry: 13th -15th September 2017 (Programme)

"Chemistry of macroalgae: Exploring the chemical nature of seaweed-microbial interactions"

In continuation of the Workshop, a Training School will introduce selected tools in Analytical Chemistry (e.g., metabolomics, isotope labeling, etc.) for deciphering seaweed-microbial interactions. Mainly students and early stage researchers will participate in a hand-to-hand laboratory course. The Training School is open to participating COST countries of the COST Action F1406. Participants of the Training School have been already selected.

Please see also our Phycomorph website!

Participants of the COST ACTION FA1406 Workshop and Training School in September 2017. Thanks for great talks and fruitful discussions!