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Information Agency

Dipl. Chem. Heike Göbel   

Mail: Heike.Gö  


07743 Jena
Humboldtstr. 11                                                         
Phone: (03641) 9 48020
Fax: (03641) 9 48002


Online Database Search

  • Literature search in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, environmentalism, geology, geosciences, geoecology, patents
  • Patent search (for instance prior art (state of the art), novelty)
  • Citation analysis to support appointment processes in our faculty (such as Hirsch-Index, impact factors, quality of publications)

Courses for electronic expert information for chemists and geoscientists:

  • Introduction in electronic expert information at the FSU
  • Possibilites of database search at the FSU
  • Search in SciFinder
  • Search in Reaxys (Beilstein+Gmelin)
  • Search and acquisition of scientific literature
  • Electronic expert information and the internet
  • Chemistry and internet
  • Patent search in internet and SciFinder