Jan Frieder Mohr

PhD Student
Jan Frieder Mohr Image: Jan Frieder Mohr

Research project

This project aims to identify novel metallophores based on recently developed LC/MS analytical techniques and to unravel their multiple functions particularly in nitrogen-fixing and microbial iron-cycling systems. To mimic natural sources of molybdenum, which is an essential cofactor of nitrogenases, we will develop libraries of synthetic chelating agents for molybdenum. The resulting complexes serve as “Mo-buffers” to control the availability of molybdenum species in aqueous cultures. To model redox shuttle systems in communities of Fe(II) oxidizers and Fe(III) reducers appropriate ligands as well as metal complexes will be developed.


Kügler, S., Cooper, R.,E., Wegner, C.-E., Mohr, J.F., Wichard, T., Küsel, K.* (2019) Iron-organic matter complexes accelerate microbial iron cycling in an iron-rich fen. Science of Total Environment 646: 972-988.

Hermenau, R., Keishi, I., Gama, S., Hoffmann, B., Pfeifer-Leeg, M., Plass, W., Mohr, J.F., Wichard, T., Saluz H.,P., Hertweck, C.* (2018) Gramibactin is a bacterial siderophore with a diazeniumdiolate ligand system. Nature Chemical Biology. Online https://doi.org/10.1038/s41589-018-0101-9.

Baumeister, T. U. H., Ueberschaar, N., Schmidt-Heck, W., Mohr J. F., Deicke M., Wichard, T.*, Guthke R., Pohnert, G.* (2018) DeltaMS: A tool to track isotopologues in GC- and LC-MS data Metabolomics 14:41.

Deicke, M., Mohr, J. F., Bellenger, J. P., Wichard, T. (2014) Metallophore mapping in complex matrices by metal isotope coded profiling of organic ligands. Analyst, 23, 6096 - 6099.

Email: jan-frieder.mohr at uni-jena.de



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