Lectures, seminars and practical courses in Analytical Chemistry are announced for the summer term 2020

Winter Term 2020/2021 (updated on 03.10.20)

Vorlesung Analytical Chemistry I (BC 5.1, BBGW 3.2, BGEO 3.5.3)

Lecture Analytical Chemistry II (BC 5.1)
Lecture Analytical Chemistry I (
BBGW 3.2, BGEO 3.5.3)

Begin: Dienstag, 03.11.2020; 10-12 pm, online only

Seminar Analytical Chemistry II (BC 5.1)

Module (BC 5.1): Seminar Analytical Chemistry II for Chemists: two groups (30 students each) on Tuesday and (maybe) Thursday.

Begin: Dienstag, 03.11.2020; 14-16 pm, Präsenzveranstaltung (presence, Döbereiner HS)

Practical course Analytical Chemistry II  (BC 5.1)

Einführung in das Praktikum (BC 5.1)  findet am 03.11.2020 im Rahmen des Seminars statt. Die Anwesenheit ist verpflichtend.

Beginn des Praktikums vorraussichtlich am 11.11.2020 (Mittwoch).

Seminar Analytical Chemistry I (BBGW 3.2, BGEO 3.5.3)

Begin: Dienstag, 03.11.2020; 16-18 pm, Präsenzveranstaltung (presence, HS Bachstraße 18)

Practical course Special Analytics

Module (BC 5.5.2):

Literature seminar: (beginning November 2020)
Experimental program: (Start end of January 2021)

Experiment 1: Mass spectrometry: LC-MS

Experiment 2: Mass spectrometry: GC-MS




Summer Term 2020

Lecture: Analytical Chemistry II BBGW 4.1/BGEO 4.3.4

Begin: 05.05.2020, Humboldtstr. 8, HS IAAC, 10-12 pm (Tuesdays)

Exam date to be announced (Friedolin).

You can find teaching materials in moodle.

Seminar: Analytical Chemistry II BBGW 4.1/BGEO 4.3.4

Begin: 04.05.2020; August-Bebel-Str. 4; SR 107, 10-12 pm (Monday)

You can find teaching materials in moodle.

Seminar: Analytische Chemie III BC 6.1

Begin: second half of the term; Lessingstr. 8, Seminarraum 1, two seminar groups (Friday)

Exam date to be announced (Friedolin).

Practical course: Environmental analysis MCEU 2.3

Introduction to the practical course at the end of the lecture by PD Dr. Wolf von Tümpling

Beginning of the practical part of trace analysis of "organic compounds" will be announced.

Documents and further experiments can be found in moodle (Uni Jena).

Scope: 4 full-day trials
(2 experiments at IAAC, 1 experiment at UFZ Magdeburg, 1 experiment at Institute of Geosciences)


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