Information office computer

Information Service

Office for literature and patent research and database training
Information office computer
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Function and offers

Online database researches

  • Literature research in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, environmental protection/ environmental engineering, geology, geosciences, geoecology, patents
  • Patent researches (including state of the art, novelty) in advance of patent applications
  • Citation analyses to support appointment procedures of the Faculty (including Hirsch index, impact factors, quality of publications)


Conducting courses and seminars on electronic information for students in the field of chemistry, geography and geosciences/geology/biogeosciences on many topics:

  • Introduction to the electronic specialist information at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Possibilities of database research at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Research in SciFinder
  • Research in Reaxys (Beilstein + Gmelin)
  • Research and procurement of scientific literature
  • Electronic technical information and the Internet
  • Chemistry and Internet
  • Patent researches on the Internet and in SciFinder


Heike Göbel
Scientific information
Room 102
Humboldtstraße 11
07743 Jena