A single-crystal X-ray diffractometer

X-ray Diffraction

Welcome to the laboratory for single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction at the Institute for Inorganic and Analytiscal Chemistry (IAAC)
A single-crystal X-ray diffractometer
Image: Phil Liebing

X-ray diffraction methods on crystalline samples belong to the most important analytical techniques for the elucidation of the structures of molecules and solids. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SC-XRD) enables access to detailed structural information of unknown chemical compounds. X-ray diffraction on crystalline powders (P-XRD or PD) is applied, for example, for the quality inspection of known reaction products.

In our laboratory, X-ray diffractometers for different analytical problems are available. We are conducting contract measurements and provide advice to researchers and students about all questions concerning X-ray diffraction and related issues.

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X-ray Diffraction
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