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Chair for Chemistry of Materials for Energy Applications​

Welcome to the Homepage of the Oschatz group!
AG Oschatz
Image: Wuyong Zhang

We can currently offer 2 PhD positions in the field of CO2 capture materials and electrochemical reduction of Nitrogen (open positions).

At any time we are pleased to host students for a bachelor or master thesis (topics). Please do not hesitate to contact us.

If our PhD students need support, we are also looking for motivated and qualified student assistants. 

A first outline of our research topics can be found on our homepage. 

Current Job offers can be found here 


Last week, 4 members of the Oschatz group did the long way to Vienna to learn about the latest findings in the field of adsorption and porous materials. Sri and Shengjun also contributed with a poster summarizing their research. It was a great trip - scientifically and personally.
German Zeolite Conference '23
Image: Desirée Leistenschneider
Since today, the junior research group Leistenschneider is equipped with an IR spectrometer (Diamond ATR unit + KBr pellet holder).Dr. Leistenschneider thanks the funding scheme ProChancecareer of the FSU Jena for the support on the research on polymeric N-rich carbons for novel Al-N2 batteries.
new IR device of Desi
Image: Desirée Leistenschneider
This week, Volker Presser from INM Saarbruecken, with whom we are collaborating since many years, visited us in Jena. As a part of our GDCh colloquium, he gave an exciting talk about nanomaterials for ion management applications. Thank you for visiting us and see you soon again.
GDCh Lecture Presser
Image: Desirée Leistenschneider

Research Overview

Rationale Materialsynthese
Porous Materials and Interfacial Phenomena
We develop novel and innovative approaches towards the synthesis of nano-structured carbon materials displaying both, a defined pore structure as well as chemical composition. Such model materials serve to fundamentally understand interfacial phenomena as they occur in energy and environment-related applications.

Contact (Secretariat)

Chair for Chemistry of Materials for Energy Applications​
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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
CEEC – Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena
Institut für Technische Chemie und Umweltchemie
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