Kevin is now member of the Michael Stifel Center (MSCJ)

The MSCJ promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of data-driven and simulation-based sciences.


Michael Stifel Center logo
Image: Michael Stifel Center

The MSCJ center's goal is to advance interdisciplinary research and education in data-driven and simulation-based sciences. This primarily involves connecting these fields with natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, social and behavioral sciences, and humanities.

In the past, scientific progress relied solely on experiments, observations, and theoretical reasoning. The advent of powerful computers introduced two new approaches: data-driven science (Knowledge from data) and simulation science (Data from knowledge). MSCJ embraces both paradigms and aims to synergize them effectively. It sees the potential in connecting these innovative areas and intends to maximize the benefits arising from their complementary strengths. The combination of data-driven and simulation science results in a three-part structure for MSCJ, comprising 'Data-Driven Science,' 'Simulation Science,' and 'Data-Model Integration.'

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