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Equality and diversity

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Group of different people
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Collection of ideas for equality at CGF: Join in!

How can equality succeed at the faculty? Your opinion is needed!

We are committed to equal and fair cooperation between ALL. We understand equality not only as equal rights for men and women, but it also addresses, for example, the special concerns of students and employees with children, handicaps and/or international backgrounds. It also includes issues such as discrimination, domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender identity problems and difficulties in the work environment.

In order to be able to identify existing conflicts and to develop solutions, we, the Equality Commission, would like to gather opinions and opinions of the faculty: What is particularly important to you about the topic of equality? Where do you see problems? What would you like to see from the faculty, where should it become active?

Write down your ideas, thoughts and wishes on our online pinboard!

We welcome every contribution, both from employees and students. You can also post your ideas anonymously on the pinboard. Thank you very much for your help!

Your Equal Opportunities Commission of the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences

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Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty

The decentralized Equal Opportunity Officer is elected during the University's committee elections and is a member of the Equal Opportunity Advisory BoardExternal link. The tasks of the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer include for example:

  • Accompanying appointment processes
  • Advisory activity in committees of the faculty
  • Consultation and discussion of equal opportunity issues

Equal Opportunities Officer

Dr Sven Krieck, Institute of Inorganic und Analytical Chemistry (Webseite de)
Tel.: +49 3641 9-48185

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

  • Dr Birgit Kreher-Hartmann, Institute of Geosciences
  • Prof. Dr Beate Michalzik, Institute of Geography
  • Dr Petra Rösch, Institute of Physical Chemistry

In addition, the University Equal Opportunity Office and the University Diversity Office are also available to answer questions.

Equality Commission

The Equality Commission was elected by the Faculty Council at its meeting on 11 May 2022. The commission works on subject-specific equality issues, develops solutions and measures and presents them to the Faculty Council. All status groups and subjects of the faculty should be represented in the commission.


  • Prof. Dr Beate Michalzik, Institute of Geography
  • Prof. Dr Falko Langenhorst, Institute of Geosciences
  • Prof. Dr Kalina Peneva, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry
  • Dr Sven Krieck, Institute of Inorganic und Analytical Chemistry
  • Carolin Thiel, Dean's Office
  • Julia Canis, student