Iconic Photo Conference: A table with several chairs.

Committees and special representatives

Responsibilities and members
Iconic Photo Conference: A table with several chairs.
Image: Geralt/Pixabay, CC0

Special representatives at the faculty

Equal Opportunities Officer Show content

The tasks of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officer include:

  • Advisory activity in committees of the faculty
  • Counselling and offering advice on gender equality issues

In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office of the university de and the Diversity Office of the university are also available to answer questions.

Equal Opportunities Officer

Prof. Dr Anke Hildebrandt
Institute of Geosciences
Burgweg 11
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48661
Email: anke.hildebrandt@uni-jena.de

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Dr Patrick Bräutigam
Institute of Technical and Environmental Chemistry
Philosophenweg 7a
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48415
Email: patrick.braeutigam@uni-jena.de

Dr Birgit Kreher-Hartmann
Mineral Collection
Institute of Geosciences
Sellierstr. 6
07745 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48714
Email: birgit.kreher@uni-jena.de

Dr Sven Krieck
Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Humboldtstr. 8
Phone: +49 3641 9-48185 (office); +49 3641 9-48115 (laboratory)
Email: sven.krieck@uni-jena.de

Prof. Dr Beate Michalzik
Institut of Geography
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48820
Email: beate.michalzik@uni-jena.de

Dr Petra Rösch
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Helmholtzweg 4
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48381
Email petra.roesch@uni-jena.de

Safety Officer Show content

PD Dr Rainer Kilian

Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Humboldtstr. 8
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48103
Email: rainer.kilian@uni-jena.de

Representative for Hazardous Substances and Environmental Protection Show content

PD Dr Dieter Weiß

Institute of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry
Humboldtstr. 10
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9-48214
Email: dieter.weiss@uni-jena.de

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