AI generated image  'digital assistant for chemists'

Welcome to the CZS Research Group "Polymers in Energy Applications"

We use data-driven techniques to design polymers.
AI generated image 'digital assistant for chemists'
Image: Kevin Maik Jablonka

Our group applies data-driven techniques to find materials that work in the real world. For this, we develop and apply novel machine learning techniques which we test in close collaboration with experimental partners.

A particular focus of our work is on polymers for energy applications.


The MSCJ promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of data-driven and simulation-based sciences.
Our group is part of the newly established Joint Lab for Polymers Jena-Bayreuth
The paper summarizing the insights of an LLM Hackathon that has been co-organized by Kevin has been published in Digital Discovery. Kevin led the writeup with 53 authors from 22 different institutions in 8 countries.
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Image: Kevin Maik Jablonka
Kevin Jablonka gave a keynote lecture at the 9th Conference of the Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA 2023). The title of the talk was "Big-data in porous materials: science beyond understanding"
Kevin Jablonka gives Keynote at FEZA 2023
Image: Moja Opresnik

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