Students experimenting in the laboratory

Student Research Center

The chemistry laboratory of the Student Research Center Jena gives interested students the opportunity to pursue a research question of their own choice. All interested students from the 10th grade onwards are welcome (in the case of particularly strong interest, even earlier by individual arrangement). The best way to work is in research teams of two to three people.
Students experimenting in the laboratory
Image: Christoph Worsch

Dear visitors,

due to the current Corona situation, the chemistry lab of the Student Research Center Jena will be closed for the rest of the school year 2020/-21! New appointments will only be made again at the
beginning of the new school year 2021/-22 (from September 2021)!

We ask for your understanding!

The team of the working group Didactics of Chemistry Jena wishes all students, parents and
teachers best health!


In our research laboratory, students are given an insight into current research and can work on their own chemical research question. They pursue this question by independently organizing and conducting appropriate scientific experiments. In doing so, they are not left to their own devices, as both staff members of the group Didactics of Chemistry and professors from various fields of research in chemistry are available to them as competent advisors. They also visit laboratories of various university research groups to pursue their own research.

A selection of possible research questions can be found in our topic catalog.

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Marcel Simon
Marcel Simon