New Publication Shengjun

New Publication Shengjun!

Our PhD student Shengjun has successfully published his work on the investigation of water adsorption kinetics in hydrophilic carbons using optical calometry. Congrats Shengjun!
New Publication Shengjun
Foto: Shengjun Du
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Thermal response measurements as well as volumetric water physisorption measurements are applied to study the influence of particle sizes on water adsorption capacity and kinetics. For this, a controlled thermal condensation process followed by a mechanical treatment using a ball mill is applied to synthesize C2N-type carbon materials with smaller and larger particle sizes. The nitrogen-rich surfaces and narrow distributed micropores endow them with remarkable hydrophilic features. Using the InfraSORP technique, a fast and accurate assessment of these properties is demonstrated.

Du, S.; Leistenschneider, D.; Xiao, J.; Dellith, J.; Troschke, E.; Oschatz, M. Application of Thermal Response Measurements to Investigate Enhanced Water Adsorption Kinetics in Ball-Milled C2N-Type Materials. ChemistryOpen 2022, 11 (12), e202200193. 

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